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Ever feel like your brain has too many "tabs" open?

Just picture this...

Ready to start your day, you sit down at your desk with a fresh cup of coffee and fire up the computer. You start perusing today's to-do list all while feeling focused and calm. 

Then a miracle happens - instead of feeling totally paralyzed by day-to-day tasks, you're actually able to give attention to your top priorities. Your calendar, social channels and phone calls all gave you the space and time to ideate new strategic concepts for your business that will have a measurable impact on your success. 

At the end of the day, you close the door to your office and head into the living room to spend time with your loved ones, feeling ready for tomorrow.

So, when was the last time you had a day like that?

Monthly Packages

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Choose your level of support, or if you have specific tasks or projects not listed, head over to the Contact page to start a conversation with me!

We can craft a custom monthly package tailored to your needs.

I can't wait to meet you! 

starting at $800


Editing and uploading sound files
Show notes for each weekly episode
1 Headliner sound clip for IG story
1 Headliner sound clip for an IG post

Editing and uploading sound files
Podcast guest/topic research
Branded social media graphics
Sound clips for social media
Blog writing
Show notes

investment varies


Strategy and Outreach

1-hour strategy session
In-depth research for ideal shows
List of recommendations

level 1: $800


1-hour strategy session
In-depth research for ideal shows
Custom pitch campaign
Email outreach

level 2: $1,500


hand over your to-do list

A La Carte

The Essentials

Reach more of your ideal audience as a podcast guest!

The Facts

Nice to meet you!

I understand that entrusting someone with the management and productivity of your business is totally daunting. But I also know that your business can benefit from my unique skills and services.

So while you're considering - let's get better acquainted, shall we?

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Near birmingham, Alabama

home life:
husband and pups, winston & barnaby

unique skill:
trained chef

favorite book genre:
historical fiction & fantasy

enneagram 4, type a, myer's briggs INFJ

hidden talent:
quoting movies & tv shows 

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